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Arnoux Goran

Arnoux Goran


Our mission is to create a world of perfect health by providing the most advanced health education—this website design supports our students’ and clients’ needs to find excellent natural product sources. I have personally researched each of these products to help you achieve physical and mental health goals far beyond what is considered possible by most, and this will help us create and share our Mission and Vision in the world.

With excellent health, you can change every area of your life. We provide this knowledge in our Total Health Mastery seminars series, books, audios, and videos.

Thank you so much for your commitment to your health and personal development. We are blessed to work with you and be a part of your lives. If there is anything we can do to help you on your wellness journey, let us know.  Read more about Arnoux here.

To Your Amazing Health!
Arnoux Goran
Founder, Total Health Mastery and Arnoux’s Store

Merit Mayati

Merit Mayati

Spiritual Life Coach and a Certified Professional Health Consultant

Merit Mayati is a Spiritual Life Coach and a Certified Professional Health Consultant, with an emphasis on identifying beliefs, emotional pain, and blockages that prevent people from manifesting their desires and not only seeing but obtaining and fulfilling their highest potential in life. She uses her intuitive skill of clairvoyance to find the root cause of the issues or challenges programmed in the unconscious mind or negative emotions embedded in their physical body. Merit has used these techniques to heal her life challenges and, as a result, began to help transform the lives of others for the last 12 years. Her years of experience allow her to approach all of her client’s specific unique needs with compassion forming a safe, open, and nurturing environment no matter what the issue or challenge is. As a result, Merit’s unique ability to see beyond the issues and challenges permit her to pinpoint the root cause, producing a massive breakthrough that generates a permanent transformation in their life.

Merit graduated from San Francisco State University with an emphasis on conflict resolution & third world development. Her knowledge, skill, and background come from various sources, including Certified Clairvoyant from Berkeley Psychic Institute, Certified Health Practitioner from Premier Research Labs. She is a Master Level Certified Practitioner for reprogramming the unconscious mind and nutrition and detox from Arnoux Goran Seminars and a graduate of Landmark Education 2005.

Leona Rustin

Leona Rustin

Store Manager

Leona has had a passion for Health and Wellness from a young age. When the time was right, she met Arnoux in 2019 through a dear friend and has been studying with Arnoux ever since. Leona graduated from many of Arnoux’s seminars and certified in The Goran Techniques I (The 7 Steps), The Goran Technique II (5 Steps), The Emotional Repolarization Technique, The Completion, and Life Coaching. Leona did her first cleanse with the inspiration and guidance she found in Arnoux’s Solution and Foundation Courses. She couldn’t believe it was so easy and fun. And the benefits are extraordinary! Leona has also completed Arnoux’s advanced courses, Becoming Your Authentic Self and Mastery, not to mention Merit’s Clairvoyant Training Programs Level 1 and 2. Leona is excited to run the AGStore, knowing you are getting premium supplements that support and advance your goals in life.


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