Q-Disc 5.0


Ultra-Thin, Bioenergetic Disc

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Ultra-Thin, Bioenergetic Disc
The Ultimate in Bioenergetic Harmonization

The Q-Disc 5.0 uses a breakthrough technology that has been developed to support the quantum coherence of the body’s bioenergetic biofield. The Q-Disc’s proprietary technology is based on a layering of specifically designed metallic gels captured on a disc that acts as a kind of step-down transformer to deliver beneficial effects on the bioenergetic level.

The Q-Disc 5.0 also features the eye-catching “Power Catcher” design on its facing. This geometrically balanced design is a reconstructed Flower of Life design based on genuine bioenergetic geometry. The design is included on the Q-Disc to enhance its bioenergetic action.

You may affix the Q-Disc to your cell phone (or other battery-operated devices) to receive its potent benefits. After a Q-Disc is affixed to your phone and you wish to change to a new cell phone, you may remove the Q-Disc from the original phone and add it to your new one.

Directions: Simply peel off the blue backing strip and press the Q-Disc 5.0 firmly to the back (center) of the selected device. Please wipe the surface first so it is clean before affixing the Q-Disc.

The Q-Disc may be affixed to a cell phone or any device with a battery. Once affixed, it may be removed only by scraping off the sticky adhesive so that you can place it on another device (if desired). However, you will need to replace the adhesive.

If you have a plastic case on your cell phone, you must still place the Q-Disc on the cell phone itself, not on the outer case. Because the Q-Disc is ultra-thin, your cell phone with the Disc will typically fit easily within the case.

Note: The Q-Disc 5.0 is designed for bioenergetic harmonization and is not intended to protect against electromagnetic fields or other fields emitted from battery-operated devices.

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